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POWER-tek world wide Project's Reference Finder

Projects in engineering

Solar power generation connection assessment studies and engineering cost estimates - North America -

Power System Studies, Customer Impact Studies and Support - North America -

Power System Study - North America -

Grid Supply Options For Victor Diamond Project Mining industrial power system - North America -

Power transmission company USA, Baseline Stability Limits of the Power System - North America -

Connection Assessment Study for 100 MW Erie Wind Farm Development Project - North America -

Investigation of WAPDA and Karachi Electric Power Systems and Interconnection of Pakistan and Two Neighboring Countries - North America -

Study of Energy Metering and Accounting System, System Losses Analysis, Harmonic Analysis and Filter Design Plant Expansion, Generation Addition, and Utility Interconnection Analysis. - North America -

Transmission and Distribution System Analysis Software, Installation and Training, Maintenance and Support for WAPDA, NTDC, 8 DISCos - Asia -

Up-gradation of the System Analysis Software, Installation, Training and Maintenance/Support for National Power Control Center - North America -

Transmission Interconnection Impact and Operational Studies of 235MW Liberty Power Plant (IPP) with National Grid System - North America -

Grid System Operational and Dispatch Analysis for Fauji Kabirwala Plant Testing - Asia -

Least Cost Generation Plan Analysis for Inclusion of 124MW Allai Khwar and 1050MW Chor Nala Hydro Projects - Asia -

Analytical Studies for Economic Dispatch, Transmission System Capacity, and Reactive Power Capability Test Simulations for 727MW AES Power Plants - North America -

Year-wise Next 20 years of Transmission System Expansion Studies of KSA (Region) - Middle East -

Transmission System Planning up to Year 2020 for Northern Part of Pakistan. (Transmission System Planning and Interconnection Impact Studies of 19 hydropower plants) - North America -

Transmission Interconnection Studies of 75MW Malakand-III Hydro Power Station with National Grid System - Asia -

Exxon Electrical Distribution Network Expansion and Balancing Studies - Asia -

Study of Optimisation of Reactive Power Compensation for WAPDA Transmission System and Preparation of Specifications for Compensation Equipment - Asia -

Transmission Interconnection Impact Studies of Rupali Power Plant (450MW IPP) with National Grid System - Asia -

Smart Grid Fund --- Research and Development Centre - North America -

Plant Construction Monitoring and Testing & Commissioning Witness/Monitoring/Review Lenders Independent Rep Engineer - Asia -

Plant Construction Monitoring and Testing & Commissioning - Asia -

Witness/Monitoring/Review Lenders Independent Rep Engineers - Asia -

Power Plant Annual Technical Operations Review and Reporting - Asia -

Connection Assessment Study for 300 MW Wolfe Island Wind Farm Power Plant Project - North America -

Power Plants Excitation System Modeling Review and System Performance Improvements - North America -

Smart Grid Community Project - North America -

Detailed Design for Integration of Gas Treatment Plant SCADA System With Power Plant Control Functions. - Asia -

Plant Expansion, Generation - Asia -

Addition, and Utility Interconnection Analysis for large industrial power system. Substation Design Review, Specification Development. Energy Meter Testing and Energy Accounting System, System Losses Analysis, Harmonic Analysis and Filter Design - Asia -

Generator/Utility Interconnection Review for Industrial Power System Studies and Relay Coordination Power System studies, and Relay-Settings Update after Transformer Replacement. - Middle East -

Owner Engineer and Local Technical Support - Asia -

Commercial Operation Test for Large Gas fired Power Plant Review and Monitoring - Asia -

Generation Interconnection Impact and Operational Studies of 235MW Liberty Power Plant (IPP) with National Grid System - Asia -

Initial Dependable Capacity (IDC) and Other Privatization Aspects of Kot Addu Power Plant - North America -

Relay Setting of 235 MW Liberty Power Plant Sub-station, Connecting with Four Different Sub-stations - North America -

RTU Interconnection - Design, Installation, and Commissioning Assistance - North and Central America -

Technical Assistance for SCADA - Asia -

System Application for IPPs - North America -

Generation Plant Substation: Tripping Analysis, Failure Analysis and New Relay Settings for 115kV King Fahad Industrial Port Jubail Substation SCECO - Middle East -

New Generation Capacity Addition: Exxon Electrical Distribution Network Relay Settings and Coordination - North America -

Design Review for Telecommunication VSAT Link - Asia -

Communication system development between Large size Power Plant and National Power Control Centre - Asia -

Smart Grid Fund, Primary project - Load Aggregation and Control Projects - North America -

Smart Grid - Distribution Monitoring and Control - North America -