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GCCIA Voltage Control Study - Reactive Power Management Study

Determine an optimal voltage control solution. The solution should enable the grid to maintain a zero MVAR exchange (or close) level at each interconnection point under a range of system conditions while maintaining system voltages within operational limits. ? Develop future base cases using Member States data. ? Verify, validate, check, the data bases. Develop a range of study scenarios. Prepare and benchmark models. ? Identify and prepare selected faults and scenarios. ? Contingencies (ACCC) runs, monitor MVAR exchange ? Review HVDC control options for reactive power contributions and limits. ? Develop mitigation measures based on mechanically switched shunt reactive power devices. Dynamic simulations to test MVAR support. ? Investigate FACTS based solutions (SVC, STATCOM). ? Evaluate sizes and location of the proposed FACTS devices. ? Recommendations, specifications, cost estimates for Optimal solution(s)