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Smart Grid GIS and ICT

The growing penetration of power plants harnessing renewable energy, the expanding scope of privatization of power utilities, and the increasing regulations imposed by governments on market driven electric power industries has developed the demand for smarter and more efficient ways of operating power systems around the world.

POWER-tek Global offers smart grid solutions integrated with strong geographical information systems (GIS) and information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructures to help our clients adapt to the increased demands for efficiency in operating of power systems and to help them improve their level of service to their customers. Our Solutions include:


DMS Applications For Control Center

POWER-tek Global provides distribution management solutions to aid utility operators monitor the condition of their assets in real-time, allowing quick response to network faults. Our solution also provides clients a historical archive of the status of their distribution assets, allowing analysis of events and effective implementation of system improvement programs.

POWER-tek Global solutions to distribution network management offers the advantage improving safety, reliability and availability of the system, while reducing service down-time and operations cost. Our company provides an integrated information and communications technology (ICT) solution suited to the needs of utilities all over the world.


Assets Management System Database

POWER-tek Global's information and telecommunication technology (ICT) solutions include distribution asset management functionality that allows utility operators to assess system performance, address problems or threats to system stability, enable flexibility to expand, and find opportunities for improvement.

POWER-tek Global solutions to asset management answer the challenges and demands of a market driven power industry by providing clients accurate information about the historical performance of their distribution systems from which smart decisions, and effective actions can be made.



Assets Information Collection/Processing

POWER-tek Global’s solutions for information collection and processing are integrated in the company's ICT and DMS applications for distribution network management. This allows our clients to effectively operate and maintain their distribution systems, provide better service to their customers, and reduce operations expense.

POWER-tek Global delivers ICT solutions that suit the client's information management requirements while keeping in a timely and cost effective way.


Assets Condition Assessment

POWER-tek Global's solution to real-time information acquisition and management of distribution asset performance provides utility operators a clear picture of the network's condition. This allows timely application of preventive solutions to network threats and improves efficiency of operations.

POWER-tek Global provides utility operators the capability to deliver quality service to its customers through smart and effective network management. Our company can make this achievable by setting up ICT solutions that provide access to meaningful information about network performance.


Smart Meter Data Management

Revenue collection is one of the most important aspects of business. For electric utilities effective metering of electricity delivered is a key area to recognition of revenue. Equally important is the collection of vast amounts of metering data across different customer service areas.

POWER-tek Global provides ICT solutions that automates and simplifies the task of managing vast amounts of metering data so that clients can effectively bill their customers.


GIS Development

Geographical information systems (GIS) is an effective tool to integrate different types of data relevant to specific locations in a defined area. For power generation developers this allows them to locate strategic sites where access to fuel, water, road networks and electrical substations are optimized. For transmission and distribution utilities, it is a useful tool to manage their assets and plan improvement of existing facilities and construction of new ones with ease.

POWER-tek Global provides GIS development services that delivers solutions specifically suited to the types of geographical information relevant to clients.


Power Systems

POWER-tek Global provides clients with tools that integrate asset management information into maps to provide a geographic perspective to the analysis of network performance and the identification of potential problems in the power system.

POWER-tek Global's GIS solutions also eases the process of right of way identification by providing layers of information about the ownership state of different land assets among the paths where distribution or transmission lines will be extended. Our company provides relevant information to utility operators they can use to provide excellent service to their customers.



Developing or improving information and telecommunication technology (ICT) infrastructures is one of the keys to effective collection of information for network asset management purposes.

POWER-tek Global provides clients an effective tool to implement such projects in a timely and cost effective manner through its GIS development services.


Generations Project Siting

Locating suitable sites for generation projects is very important for cost effective plant operations. This is true for both conventional power plants and those that run on renewable energy resources.

POWER-tek Global provides clients GIS services that help clients optimize site selection through the layers of relevant information about the proximity to energy resource, electric substations, access roads, water for cooling thermal plants and other considerations integrated in geographically accurate maps.