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Power System Engineering

Power system analysis is the core expertise at POWER-tek.  POWER-tek has close to two decades successful business history of delivering solutions in power systems engineering area.  This work includes power transmission, distribution and industrial systems.


Transmission System Planning Studies

POWER-tek performs a forward-looking assessment of transmission requirements, taking into account present industry structure, indicative generation development, demand expectations and future uncertainties. In addition to detailed studies using the analytical techniques above, we develop planning methodologies, reliability criteria, perform economic assessments and review regulatory impacts.

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Wind Plant Connection Impact Studies

Wind power is the fastest growing source of new electric power generation in the world. The cost of energy from large commercial wind plants in good wind sites is now competitive with that from more conventional sources, and costs are forecast to decline further with future generations of multi-MW turbines.

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Generators Connection Impact Studies

POWER-tek performs detailed evaluation of the requirements to connect proposed generation facilities, and identifies impacts and reinforcement options. We offer this service to transmission providers, system operators, developers and regulatory entities.

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Transfer Capability Analysis

The transmission provider or regional transmission operator (RTO) may require an assessment of the impact of the proposed generator on the transfer capability of the network. Transfer capability is a measure of the transmission system's ability to transfer power across constrained interfaces. It is the basis for allocating transmission use for wheeling and inter-area exchanges. The required analysis is similar to a combination of steady state and stability assessments, with an additional analysis for shifting dispatches. POWER-tek can provide clients with transfer capability analysis that they may need for technical regulatory compliance with their RTO.


System Performance Analysis

The key to power system planning and operation is to study the system's performance to find opportunities for improvement. POWER-tek has conducted planning and operations analysis for interconnected and isolated systems for clients ranging from large electric utilities to independent power producers and industrial plant owners.

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Small Signal Stability Studies

POWER-tek experts use advanced power system analysis package on stability simulations as well as other commercial tools to provide services on in-depth stability studies. System stability bottlenecks or constraints will be identified and cost-effective solutions will be recommended..

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Reliability And Security Studies

To meet the client's service commitments POWER-tek's deterministic and probabilistic reliability assessment and state-of-the-art computer models for use in planning and operation provide a broad range of services.

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Distribution/Industrial System Planning

Electricity distribution companies are under pressure to improve reliability and system performance, while dealing with the ongoing challenges of aging infrastructure and increasing customer demands for higher reliability and power quality. In addition, budget and investment constraints require electric utilities to manage their distribution systems ever more efficiently. POWER-tek offers world-class services to support distribution planning, engineering, and operations personnel.

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Motor Starting - Voltage Analysis

The motor starting function helps users understand the impact of machine start-ups on the network. POWER-tek provides services for calculating voltage and currents in the network when single or multiple motors are started in the system.


End-Use Studies

POWER-tek houses engineers with substantial experience with end-use power quality, and were major contributors to some of the ground-breaking power quality activities. Our analysis and modeling capability can be a critical tool in diagnosing and resolving many electrical problems on the customer side of the meter.

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