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Generation Support

POWER-tek Global offers clients a wide set of consultancy services that range from conceptual design of electrical power systems to testing and commissioning of fully operational power plants. Our strength comes from our combined experience in the power generation sector which collectively exceeds 250GW of generation capacity. Our generation development support services include:


Plant Feasibility Studies

POWER-tek Global provides consultancy services to developers of new power generation projects to ensure optimized delivery of power, and to satisfy requirements of grid operators and regulators. POWER-tek also provides life-extension studies that enable investors in existing generation assets to determine modifications necessary to ensure reliability of plant operations and profit from their investment.


Plant Specification & Contract Dev. 

POWER-tek Global provides detailed power plant specification based on in-house or third party designs. Designs are reviewed for compliance to codes and customer specifications and based on approved documentation; we prepare and send Requests for Proposal (RFP) to reliable contractors. After evaluation of bids we work closely with clients to ensure that finalized contract delivers the service required, protects the client's interest, and is fair and agreeable to all parties concerned.


Project Planning & Scheduling

POWER-tek Global offers its extensive experience to meticulously plan activities and milestones of a project. We identify activities where potential delays may arise and work out resource deployment strategies to meet the time requirement. We ensure our clients timely and cost effective implementation of projects, while maintaining excellence and quality of work


Owner's Engineer & Representative

Leadership, experience and accurate knowledge of power plant design, construction and operation is important to the success of power generation projects. POWER-tek offers itself as owner's engineer and representative. This ensures clients expert and objective advice from which prudent decisions can be based. As owner's engineer and representative we assure resource, time and quality constraints are met and that all problems that arise during project implementation are resolved.


Financial Modeling & Tariff Negotiation

POWER-tek Global ensures project sustainability and profitability by preparing accurate business models that emulate the business environment and regulatory policies that would affect the power plant's financial position. Our business models forecast budgets that need to be maintained and tariffs that must be negotiated to meet investors' profitability indicators and maintain competitiveness of electricity produced. We work closely with clients to ensure that target tariffs will be granted by industry regulators and ensure investors' profit margins.


Construction Management Support

POWER-tek Global offers construction management support to projects designed by our engineers or by third party design companies. We organize and manage teams of contractors varying in competency level and experience to get projects off from paper to fully operational power plants. We provide monitoring and performance testing in every stage of the construction to ensure the job is done correctly. We also provide commissioning and testing services to ensure that the overall quality of work and the performance guarantees provided are delivered to the client. 


Plant Performance Testing

Objectivity, accurate knowledge, proper tools and experience in power plant O&M are important to ensure projected profits from power generation investments are secure. POWER-tek Global uses accurate testing tools and reliable instrumentation to determine technical compliance of power generation assets to the established performance indicators between the client and their O&M service provider.